Our Mission

We believe in leaders with an expansive vision of success for each and every person. We support candidates that believe that our collective survival depends on the equity and inclusion of all of us. 20/20 Vision PAC equips individuals with the necessary tools to facilitate change in their communities; while encouraging intergenerational problem solving. We empower communities to take ownership in their local government and find their seat at the table.

Values Statement

Although there are many ways to define an effective leader, the PAC has identified four qualities/traits that we value highly. 


  1. Humility: When leaders lack the expertise and knowledge to solve a specific problem, they identify the right resources, assemble the right people and accept the challenge as an opportunity to enhance their ability to lead. 

  2. Equity:​ Leaders look at all sides of an issue at micro and macro levels before making a decision, and pay close attention to intended and unintended consequences of policy decisions in an effort to make the best decision for constituents. 

  3. Collaboration: Leaders must work in a collaborative spirit, understanding that they alone cannot conquer the monumental challenges we face, but can convene communities, for the greater good.

  4. Engagement: Leaders must understand the communities that they desire to serve, and continuously seek out information about what impacts them most, how they see themselves in their communities and how they wish to participate in creating change.

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